"Part of the fabric of Limerick"

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Voted one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Ireland on TripAdvisor 2015

In a way that is given to very few restaurants, Freddy's Bistro is a part of the very fabric of Limerick city. There aren't that many restaurants that deserve the accolade - The Farmgate and Café Paradiso in Cork; Chapter One and L'Ecrivain and Dunne & Crescenzi in Dublin; Shu in Belfast; Ard Bia in Galway would be others to merit the honour - for what you need to be classed as part of the fabric of the city is to honestly and dedicatedly serve the needs of the residents of the city.

And Freddy's Bistro does just that, in the most admirable and sincere way, via the cooking of delicious food and the curating of excellent wines.

Liz and Caroline - sisters in arms - know how to create the sort of menus that offer exactly what we feel like eating, whether we are in this lovely, atmospheric old room for an early bird on Wednesday, or with a party of friends on a Friday night.

You might fancy Dingle crab linguini, or Liz's lamb burger with mint raita and homecut fries. If it's cold out, then you might hanker for braised lamb shank with roasted root vegetables, or slow-cooked pork belly with champ and Savoy cabbage.

This sort of food is succulent and savoury, a bearer of satisfaction, the companion to good times, and the zestful ambience of the room with its flickering candles and great wine list pretty much suggests that you cast caution to the wind, and get the most out of a true Limerick classic. Part of the fabric of Limerick.


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